How To Restore Kitchen Appliances

A lot of first time buyers are faced with the legacy of a tired kitchen. Similarly, a lot of homeowners dream of giving their kitchen a makeover but are put off by the costs involved.

Painting and tiling doesn't cost much and is a huge step towards your dream home. But how do you tackle the problem of the old appliances that you can't afford to replace? Here is the 4Homes guide to getting your kitchen appliances to look and perform like new. Following these tips can help have your appliances looking and working like new for years to come.

By Samara Zittin

Fired Earch Kitchen. How To Restore Kitchen Appliances

Cookers: Step One

Clean all the years of accumulated cooking spills and grease from the cooker. Open your oven and sprinkle the door, bottom of the oven and oven roasting tray with bicarbonate of soda.

Using a spray bottle filled with water, spray the soda until damp and leave this to sit for a few hours before wiping out with a wet sponge. This will get your oven clean without the requirement for harsh chemicals. Oven racks can be cleaned by leaving overnight in a solution of water and non-bio washing detergent. This will soften the baked-on grease for easy removal.

Ceramic hobs can look intimidating to clean, but specialist cleaning solutions like Toprens Ceramic Hob Cleaner will have the job done in no time.

Cookers: Step Two

Cleaning the glass on the oven door can be tricky, but is well worth the effort. Oven doors are generally comprised of 3 sheets of glass that over time can trap cooking grease on the inner glass. Find your cooker's instruction manual (if you've lost it, most are available online) and use the guide on how to disassemble the oven door. Clean each sheet of glass with a degreasing spray and glass cleaner, then reassemble.

Cookers: Step Three

Most parts of the cooker can be replaced; from the oven door and grill elements to hob control knobs. So if any part of your cooker is missing or beyond repair simply replace that item, rather than forking out for a whole new oven. Spares are readily available online; all you'll need to know is your appliance model number, which can usually be found near the base of the cooker.

About The Expert

Samara Zittin is a resident expert on appliance restoration and repair for, the UK's largest independent online spare parts site.


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