How To Sell Your House Privately

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Selling your home privately has never been easier and puts you firmly in the driving seat for the whole process. And it works whatever the housing market is doing - in boom times there is a pool of buyers to attract, and when it's slower, you know your property is being marketed consistently, proactively and to the highest standard.

By Justine Roffey

estate agent How To Sell Your House Privately

Marketing Your Property

The best thing about selling your house privately, though, is bypassing the estate agent, which means you get to keep the cash you would have paid in commission. With average house prices now in excess of £200,000, you're talking several thousand pounds. You may think it's extra work, but that's not necessarily the case, as you know if you have had dealings in the past with estate agents who expect you to do the viewings and chase the chain along.

Advertising Homes On The Internet

Some sites, such as Zoopla, advertise homes that are being sold through estate agents. However there are websites out there that will allow you to list and sell your home without the use of an agent. Some of the most popular are listed below:

The Little House Company

Advertise In The Classified Ads Sections

Sunday papers, local papers, free sheets and dedicated publications such as Loot all list private home sales. As well as printed versions, online listings are available too.

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Take Direct Action

Selling privately can be as low-tech as simply putting a sign up in your window, or getting a proper 'For Sale' sign to stick in the front garden. You don't want to exclude buyers who don't have access to the internet! Putting a notice in several local newsagents' windows or on a notice board in the supermarket is also a proven approach. You could also drop flyers locally, although this is more costly in both time and money.


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