Buying A Victorian House

Is yours a Victorian house? Famed for high-ceilinged rooms, light, spacious rooms and lots of detailing, it will look all the better if it is restored and maintained with some thought for its original features and colour schemes. So, what is Victorian style?

By Sacha Markin

Is Your House Victorian?

Spanning the reign of Queen Victoria, the Victorian era (1837 to 1901) was a time of monumental change in many ways. The Industrial Revolution meant that innovative techniques were being introduced, worldwide trade was opening up and the rapid economic growth then led to a big increase in building. And, with the creation of the railways and many new manufacturing processes, locally produced building materials - which were previously only used in the immediate area - soon became available all over the country.

Why Do Victorian Houses Look Like They Do?

People took a lot of pride in their properties and the more affluent classes saw their home as a big reflection of their status. There was certainly an eclectic mix of styles throughout the Victorian era, with lots of adornment and trimmings, but it can also be said the Victorian age was very much a period of imitation and reproduction - many styles, which were previously popular, were revived.


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