What To Ask When Buying A House

tax document. questions to ask when buying a house

Once the sale starts to progress, you can get the professionals to do the hard work for you.

removals van and man Questions To Ask When Buying A House

Questions For The Surveyor, Solicitors & Removals

There are a certain amount of things you can spot yourself about the property when you do the first, second or third viewing - such as the state of the electrics or any structural problems. But what should you be asking the professionals? And how do you factor all of the answers into any adjustment you might ask for in terms of the agreed price?

  • Is the property in good condition and has it been well maintained?
  • Is there any sign of subsidence?
  • Is the insulation adequate and up to date?
  • Is the roof, wiring and plumbing in good condition? Are there any signs of damp? Is the flooring level?
  • Is there a possibility the property may contain contaminants such as asbestos?
  • Has the property been undervalued by the surveyor, and why? Then renegotiate, otherwise it's unlikely the mortgage lender will advance you the money.
  • Can you point me in the right direction for any improvements that you say need doing, particularly those that will improve the value of the house?
  • How much do you charge? What does this cover?
  • Who will be assigned to my case and will I always speak to them?
  • Are you easy to get hold of and how can I reach you quickly?
  • When will I receive the contract to sign?
  • When is the likely exchange of contracts date?
  • When is the likely completion/moving date?
  • How much does the removal firm charge? On what basis am I being charged?
  • If you're doing your own move, have you got enough helpers? Have you got enough packing cases/materials?
  • What does the removal company's insurance cover?
  • Do I need to put any items into storage? How much will this cost?
  • What time will the removals arrive on the moving day? Are they doing another move that day and what time are they likely to reappear with your stuff?
  • How will they get my baby grand piano into my new property? Some firms will sub-contract the moving of a piano, especially if it's a valuable one.
  • Will the removals firm collect the boxes once I've finished unpacking them? Some removal firms like to recycle them to other movers.
  • Does my contents' insurance cover me for my move?

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