Timber Frame Houses: Green Oak

Why use green oak frame for your self build? Read on for a guide to the basics.

By Gordon Miller

Oak frame from Argyll house on Grand Designs

Never before has there been such concern about the earth's resources and how we manage them for future generations. Construction of new residential and commercial buildings uses vast quantities of natural resources, which - when worked - emit greenhouse gases, which it is widely accepted cause global warming.

Why Use Green Oak Frame?

Fossil fuels - coal - and by-products of them - oil and gas - emit carbon dioxide, which is one of the contributory gases that causes climate change. But working with timber does not, as it is a carbon neutral product that has absorbed CO2 throughout its natural lifespan and does not emit carbon dioxide when it is felled or used for construction purposes.

Not only does timber not emit harmful gases if it is well managed - look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) symbol which indicates it is from an accredited source - it is a sustainable resource because it is replenishable. Quick growing hardwood species like spruce and oak - to a lesser extent - are therefore ideal woods with which to build, providing load-bearing strength and durability.


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