Gooseberry fool recipe

You'd be an idiot not to try this dessert recipe... or should that be fool?
  • 1 packet of sugar free lemon and lime jelly
  • 550g gooseberrys
  • 1 packet sugar free custard mix
  • shortbread fingers or Amoretti biscuits to serve


How to make gooseberry fool

1. Prepare the sugar free lemon and lime jelly according to the instructions on the packet, but only use half the recommended amount of water. Stew the 550 grams of gooseberries in the jelly mix.

2. Allow jelly to cool and set with gooseberries.

3. Following the instructions on the packet, make up a packet of sugar free custard mix with boiling water and leave to cool.

4. Line the bottom of a large glass bowl for with some of the stewed gooseberry mixture.

5. Combine the rest of the mixture in a blender with the custard, then pour this mix into the glass bowl and place in a fridge overnight to set.

6. Serve with small shortbread finger or amoretti biscuit.


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Wednesday 19 December 2007
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