Vegan recipes

Looking for inspiring vegan recipes? Come and browse our wide range of vegan main courses, desserts and side dishes

Sambar recipe

Gordon's tasty take on an Indian vegetable stew should be served with rice or Indian flat bread read more on: Sambar recipe

vegan carrot cake
(48 ratings)
Vegan carrot cake recipe

Simon Rimmer's vegan cake recipe is packed full of carrots, spice, juicy fruit and ginger, and is served with a vegan cream cheese frosting and sticky orange syrup

Raw samosas
(42 ratings)
Raw samosas recipe

Raw food chef Chris Massamba showed Hugh how to make these little parcels of goodness on River Cottage Veg

Raw chocolate tart
(480 ratings)
Raw chocolate ganache tart recipe

Raw food expert Laura Coxeter showed Hugh how to make a sumptuous chocolate tart with wholesome raw ingredients

Gluttonous Vegan: Red wine pasta bake
(9 ratings)
Red wine and artichoke vegan pasta bake recipe

The Gluttonous Vegan uses artichoke hearts in this simple pasta bake which creates a delicious meaty texture

Gluttonous Vegan: Lancashire hot pot
(23 ratings)
Lancashire hot pot recipe

You only need a few standard ingredients for this vegan hotpot from The Gluttonous Vegan

Gluttonouse Vegan: Slooow ramen
(11 ratings)
Slow ramen recipe

This recipe from The Gluttonous Vegan is slow and soothing and comforting to make, and well worth the time spent stirring

Gluttonous Vegan: Spicy lentil potato pie
(23 ratings)
Spicy lentil and bean potato pie recipe

You'll only need the basics for this simple warming pie from The Gluttonous Vegan

Gluttonous Vegan: Vegan pho
(7 ratings)
Vegan pho recipe

Gluttonous Vegan: "This vegan recipe is traditionally made with meat but we replaced it with tiny pieces of seitan that had been fried a little bit"

Gluttonous Vegan: Spicy lentil pasta sauce
(27 ratings)
Spicy lentil pasta sauce recipe

This sauce from The Gluttonous Vegan is like a vegan Bolognese in consistency and it keeps well for lunch leftovers the next day

Gluttonous Vegan: Beany snausages
(23 ratings)
Beany vegan sausages recipe

These spicy vegan sausages from The Gluttonous Vegan are cheap and easy to make

Wheat-free recipes

Wheat-free recipes

Love cakes but can't eat wheat? Browse these yummy wheat-free recipes perfect for baking and much more

Best gluten-free and allergy-friendly food blogs

Best gluten-free and allergy-friendly food blogs

Don't let food allergies and intolerances stop you from enjoying your meals. From gluten-free baking and dairy-free desserts to intolerant-friendly restaurant and product reviews. We've found a wealth of bloggers who'll show you how

Egg free recipes

Egg free recipes

Got an egg-allergy or simply prefer egg-free recipes? We've got egg-xactly what you need with these egg-free recipes.

Gluten-free recipes

Gluten free recipes

Feast your face with these gluten-free and glorious recipes

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