Pumpkin recipes

Sweet pumpkin is as versatile as it is delicious. Try it in these recipes for pumpkin soup and pumpkin risotto, and bake into bread, a classic pumpkin pie or even some rich chocolate brownies

Pumpkin risotto with parmesan

Gordon threw pumpkin into his risotto mix for a classic Italian recipe from Ramsay's Best Restaurant read more on: Pumpkin risotto with parmesan

fish pie
(90 ratings)
Fish pie recipe

Gordon Ramsay's creamy fish pie has fish, seafood and cream, and a cheesy mash topping

Gnocchi with kale and rosemary recipe
(17 ratings)
Gnocchi with kale and rosemary recipe

Making your own gnocchi is easier than you'd think. Simon Rimmer serves his with kale, parmesan and simple yet rich ragù

Grenadier cocktail recipe
(6 ratings)
Grenadier cocktail recipe

Abdulai Kpekawa taught Kirstie how to make this warming ginger brandy cocktail for Craig and Amy's wedding on Kirstie's Vintage Home

Minty lamb and meatball curry recipe
(78 ratings)
Minty lamb and meatball curry recipe

Simon Rimmer's minty lamb meatballs are cooked spinach, potato and a fresh curry sauce

Mad Mack's yum goong recipe
(2 ratings)
Mad Mack's yum goong recipe

Tommy started his evening with this mystery dish that turned out to be a spicy prawn soup on Come Dine With Me Huddersfield

Seasonal recipes

Seasonal recipes

Find seasonal recipes using seasonal ingredients and enjoy the flavours of each month throughout the year

How to cook

How To Cook

Learn how to cook and hone your kitchen skills with 4Food's cookery videos and step-by-step guides

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