Perfect boiled egg recipe

If you usually only manage to chew half-heartedly on a piece of toast for breakfast then this recipe will remind you how to make a proper start to the day. Boil an egg. Written with children in mind, it is easy to follow.

Serves 1

Ready in 10 minutes



How to make perfect boiled egg

1. Take a small pan and gently place a large egg in it. Add enough cold water to completely cover the egg, and ask an adult to put the pan over a high heat for you. After a few minutes, lots of large bubbles will appear - this means the water is boiling. Turn the heat down to a simmer. Set the timer immediately: 3 minutes if you like really soft-boiled eggs, 4 minutes for a set white and a creamy yolk, or 5 minutes for a set white and firm yolk that's just a little bit squidgy in the centre.

2. When the egg is ready, ask an adult to carefully remove the egg from the boiling water. Put it into an egg cup, and use a teaspoon to take off the top of the egg. Peel away the shell around the rim and serve with wholemeal toast cut into strips, known as soldiers.

Tip: You'll need a kitchen timer. Checking a clock or guessing isn't accurate enough to cook eggs to perfection.

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Contributed by delicious. magazine

Contributed by delicious. magazine

Friday 30 November 2007
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