Simple and awesome burger recipe

Jerry Marks of London's hottest burger kitchen Guerilla Burgers shows us how to make a great burger you can jazz up with spices, toppings and condiments to make your very own fun in a bun

Makes 1 burger


  • 150g ground beef (not very lean beef)
  • Slice of Cheddar cheese
  • Mayonnaise
  • Freshly baked bun
  • Red onions rings
  • Slice of beef tomato
  • Burger relish


How to make a simple and awesome burger

1. Massage the beef together in your hands so it holds together. Place a large jar lid inside a plastic bag to make a mould for your patty. Press the beef into the lid (on top of the plastic bag) then tip upside down, take the burger out and neaten up the sides with the side of your palm.

2. Whether you're cooking on a grill or on the barbecue you need to make sure you've got the right cooking temperature. Hold your hand three inches above the grill for three seconds, when you can feel the heat, you're ready to start cooking.

3. Place the patty on the grill and season with salt and pepper.

For extra flavour, add spices or garlic salt when you season the meat.

4. Cook for about 4 minutes each side. You're looking for beads of sweat to start to form on the surface of the burger, then it's time flip it over. To get the cheese melting, pop a slice on top of the burger while it's still on the grill.

5. Spread the bottom of the burger bun with mayonnaise to stop the meat juices making it soggy. Add the cooked patty. Garnish with the onions, tomato and relish and serve.

To barbecue

Preheat your barbecue in the usual way until it reaches the correct temperature. Cook turning once, bearing in mind you may have to adjust the cooking time slightly depending on how hot your barbecue is or how near the heat source the food is placed.

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