Vietnamese recipes

Light, flavoursome and bursting with unusual ingredients, Vietnamese cooking is a great chance to give your tongue an education

Pho bo

Pho is a noodle soup renowned as the national dish of Vietnam. Food blogger MiMi Aye shares her recipe for the classic beef pho read more on: Pho bo

Gordon's Great Escape: Nonya fried chicken
(17 ratings)
Nonya fried chicken recipe

Gordon's Malaysian fried chicken is crunchy, packed with flavoursome spices and a guaranteed crowd pleaser

Gordon's gaeng hung lay
(6 ratings)
Gordon's gaeng hung lay recipe

Gordon learns how to make gaeng hung lay on his visit to Thailand. Find hundreds more recipes on 4Food from Channel 4.

(12 ratings)
How to cook Thai food

Forget about the green curry you sampled on the high street. Authentic Thai food has a bit more kick than you bargained for. And don't mention Pad Thai

Tom yung soup
(15 ratings)
Fragrant mussel tom yum soup recipe

Usually made with shell-on prawns, MiMi Aye's version uses mussels for a fresh, sharp and light soup

malaysian laksa recipe
(21 ratings)
Laksa lemak recipe

This this rich, coconutty laksa lemak recipe is a Malaysian favourite. Try MiMi Aye's version of this classic recipe, which is also known as Nyonya laksa.

Gordon's Great Escape: Malaysia
(11 ratings)
How to cook Malaysian food

Malaysian cooks know their way around the spice rack. Find out how you can create traditional food packed with as much punch as the matriarchs behind some of the countrys tastiest food

rice soup
(7 ratings)
Rice soup with marinated salmon and ginger recipe

Gordon discovered this fresh and fragrant soup on his Great Escape through Southeast Asia

spring rolls
(14 ratings)
Vietnamese fresh spring rolls recipe

Gordon was on a roll with this staple Vietnamese snack

Gordon's Great Escape Southeast Asia: 100 of my favourite Southeast Asian recipes

Has Gordon's Great Escape left you hungry for more? Bring Southeast Asian cooking to your kitchen with 100 new recipes from Gordon Ramsay, inspired by his latest culinary adventure

Gordon's Great Escape: Vietnam
(13 ratings)
How to cook Vietnamese food

It's a waste not, want not mentality in Vietnam, which means there are some offally good dishes to try. And yes, dog is on the menu.

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Thai recipes

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