Indian recipes

There's so much more to Indian food than the dishes familiar to us from the curry house. Time to explore new flavours

Tiger prawn curry

You'll be crowned a curry king or queen with this delicious tiger prawn recipe. read more on: Tiger prawn curry

Jamie gets spicy

Fresh and authentic Indian dishes

Lamb samosas
(7 ratings)
Samosas and channa chaat recipe

Tasnim's lamb samosas and spiced chickpea salad kicked off her meal in style, on Come Dine With Me Welsh Valleys

Ghulab jaaman recipe

These sticky dumplings flavoured with rosewater and cardamom were Tasnim Sardar's final flourish on Come Dine With Me Welsh Valleys

Daal and gobi gosht
(8 ratings)
Daal and gobi gosht recipe

Tasnim Sardar cooked up these complementary curries as her main course on Come Dine With Me Welsh Valleys

Flutterby lassi
(2 ratings)
Flutterby lassi recipe

A fresh lassi with cucumber and absinthe from restaurant Gymkhana

Tomato and chilli chutney recipe

Angela Malik's easy and versatile chutney with flavour from ginger, cumin and fenugreek, as cooked on Sunday Brunch

Sweet sour tamarind and jaggery chutney recipe

As cooked on Sunday Brunch, this is Angela Malik's sweet and sour chutney that's great with curries, and equally great on a sandwich or cold cuts

salmon tikka
(40 ratings)
Salmon tikka recipe

This salmon from Simon Rimmer is easy to make and packed with flavour from spices, lemon and butter

cucumber raitha
(1 ratings)
Cucumber and tomato raitha recipe

This cooling dip from The Urban Rajah can be served with all manner of spicy meat and vegetables

Tandoori chicken
(23 ratings)
Tandoori chicken recipe

Sunday Brunch guest chef Ivor Peters, The Urban Rajah, cooks his recipe for this classic spicy chicken

bread samosas
(15 ratings)
Bread samosas recipe

A quick way to make tasty samosas, Simon Rimmer uses bread to encase the spicy potato filling


Chinese recipes

Chinese regional cuisine is fascinating and diverse. Start your culinary tour of China here.


Greek recipes

Live the life of a God with these scrumptious Greek recipes.

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