Best healthy eating blogs

Whether you're looking for the ultimate breakfast smoothie, guilt-free baking or tips on how to cook everything from scratch, you'll find a blogger to fit the bill

Here at 4Food we like a bit of indulgence, but we have to watch our waistlines too. You can't live on celery sticks alone though, so we've turned to the blogging community for some healthy eating ideas, and yes, they include cake.

Healthy food blogs: mostly eating

For an expert opinion

Mostly eating

Trained dietician Sophie is passionate about healthy living and sustainability. In her attractive blog, she showcases healthy, seasonal recipes all with beautiful photos. Mostly Eating also explores the ethics behind the food we eat and offers advice on how to lead the good life including keeping chickens.

Best healthy blogs: Simply cooked

For the love of veg

Simply cooked

Food loving maths teacher Sarah has a penchant for fresh vegetables, which she transforms into colourful salads, stews, fritters and all sorts of other delights. That's not so say that everything on the blog is veggie though. You will also find plenty of fish, meat and baking - including baked doughnuts, yay!

Best healthy blogs: Celery and cupcakes

For virtuous baking

Celery and cupcakes

Jemma's blog offers hope to all the sweet toothed dieters out there as it's full of not so naughty sweet recipes. As well as the likes of choc chip cookies and coconut cupcakes, there are also savoury recipes, healthy product reviews and a rundown of her exercise tips.

Best healthy blogs: An English Kitchen

For cooking from scratch

An English kitchen

An English Kitchen is far from a diet blog. It's about doing it yourself to cut down on the salt, sugar and the other nasties you can find in processed food. Joanna makes family focussed food and grows a lot of her own veg too. As well as recipes and healthy living tips look out for her opinions on fad dieting - needless to say she isn't a fan.

Best healthy blogs: Eating healthy getting stylish

For the fashion conscious foodie

Keeping healthy getting stylish

Having managed to lose an impressive five and a half stone, Laura is keen to keep it off. In her blog she writes about her experiments with new recipes, her fitness regime and her shopping sprees - all done on a budget. As she has recently gone veggie, most of the recipes are vegetarian or vegan.


Healthy recipes

Healthy recipes

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Healthy eating

Find healthy eating tips and advice and healthy eating plans and recipes

Low calorie recipes

Low calorie recipes

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