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BBQ grey mullet recipe

If you've ever admired Hugh's grey mullet, you'll love this BBQ version from River Cottage, perfect for the upcoming barbecue season

Watch the video of the River Cottage team making mullet carpaccio and this barbecued mullet

Serves 2-4, depending on the size of the mullet


  • 1 grey mullet, filleted
  • A little olive or rapeseed oil
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper
  • A few sprigs of fresh thyme


How to make barbecued grey mullet

1. Get your barbecue good and hot.

2. Rub a little oil on to both sides of each fish fillet. Season well with salt and pepper and sprinkle on some thyme leaves, patting them on to the flesh.

3. Put on to the hot barbecue, skin side down, and leave to sizzle for a couple of minutes, then cover with an upside down frying pan (you're creating a mini oven) and cook for a few minutes more, just until the flesh is opaque all the way through. Serve straight away.

To barbecue

Preheat your barbecue in the usual way until it reaches the correct temperature. Cook turning once, bearing in mind you may have to adjust the cooking time slightly depending on how hot your barbecue is or how near the heat source the food is placed.

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