The Secret Supper Club

Ever dined in a dinghy or fancied a slap up meal on the side of a mountain? Olly Smith proves the place you eat is just as important as what’s on your plate as he hosts this new Channel 4 show

Aiming to inspire a new trend in dining, Olly travels the UK to stage a series of suppers where great combinations of food and wine are matched with another ingredient - the place.

In each episode he'll find two challenge-hungry food producers willing to help with his huge task – to plan, prepare and serve a Secret Supper for 10 mystery guests in an unforgettable setting. They have two days to get it right. If it works, Olly hopes the surprising setting and inventive menu will combine to inspire a new trend in communal dining.

Olly's looking for locations that are bold and atmospheric to make each supper surprising and fun. The result may be a glorious feast inside a working windmill, a banquet in a ruined castle, a perfect picnic in a lakeside boathouse or sizzling seafood paella on a windswept beach.

Dining table

The search for inspiration begins with an ‘edible audition’ where food producers bring along the best food products their region has to offer. Olly then picks people and produce to help him create a spectacular feast.

The team then works flat out doing whatever it takes to make the event go with a bang; building a smokehouse on the beach, an improvised bread oven in an orchard or an ingenious dumb waiter device inside a windmill, anything goes in the Supper Club rulebook.

In a spirit of spontaneity Olly's guests are all invited at the last minute and haven’t a clue what’s in store, or where the dinner will be served. All local to the area, they represent every aspect of regional life.

Each Secret Supper Club is a communal celebration of the places we live. A dining spectacle Olly hopes will inspire his guests to take up the mantle and host a Secret Supper of their own. And so the Secret Supper Club is born.

The Secret Supper Club, coming soon to Channel 4


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