Arthur's Hell on High Water

Arthur Potts Dawson is taking to the seas to examine the reality of commercial trawler fishing

New Channel 4 chef on the block, Arthur Potts Dawson, is an eco-friendly restaurateur with an enormous passion for the environment and sustainable food. With fish stocks in crisis, Arthur takes to the seas to live and work alongside life-long fishermen on a commercial trawler. Taking an in-depth look at this environmentally unfriendly fishing phenomenon, he hopes to find an ecological yet economic way of commercial fishing.

The reality of trawler fishing is harsh. Huge nets catch vast numbers of fish, the majority of which are deemed unsuitable for sale and are subsequently cast back into the sea, already dead. What's more, these fishermen risk their lives every day out on the open waters, just to earn a living and make ends meet.

However Arthur is up for the challenge and takes on one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Will the experience change his perceptions of trawler fishing, or will he still stand by his belief - that this practice needs to change for the good of the seas?

Catch Arthur's Hell on High Water in January on C4


Arthur's Hell on High Water

Last Broadcast: Wednesday 12 January 8.00PM
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