How to clean turmeric stains

Anyone who enjoys a good curry has to suffer the consequences. No, we don't mean a Delhi belly. We mean dealing with the dreaded bright (and we mean BRIGHT) yellow stains that turmeric leaves in its wake. And how come they happen to fall on your pristine white shirt, missing the napkin by a gnat's gnadger? Must be Biryani's Law

Don't dilly dally

Stop eating and take action. Speed is of the essence. If the stain is on clothing or table linen, take it to the sink and dab cool water and liquid detergent on the stain (washing up liquid will do nicely too). Leave for 30 minutes, then rinse out. There's a fair chance that there'll still be evidence (turmeric is a tough cookie), so next try distilled white vinegar - a handy liquid troubleshooter, so it's always good to have some. Failing that, try neat lemon juice, followed by a line dry in bright sunshine (we should be so lucky). Repeat any or all of the above for as long as your patience prevails.

Pale pretty pink

By now, the stain is likely to have settled to a rather fetching pink colour, so try using an oxygenated stain remover to shift the last remnants before a normal machine wash at the recommended temperature. If all else fails, you might have to dye the shirt/tablecloth pink. Well, it is your favourite colour (from now on).

Carbonated carpet

If the turmeric stain is on your carpet, douse the offending area with fizzy lemonade, blotting it up with kitchen paper. Repeat until you're bored, then try a proprietary carpet cleaner - or ring your insurance company!

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