How to clean a cheese grater

How often have you picked up your cheese grater, only to find that there are remnants remaining from the last time you used it? And you thought you had cleaned it properly!

Give it a scrub

First of all, brush away any strands of grated cheese (or carrot, or whatever) with a pastry brush. Next, thoroughly clean your grater in very hot water with washing up liquid to break down the fatty deposits that the cheese leaves behind. Employ a washing up brush to reach all the hard-to-get-to places on the reverse side of the grating surface. Rinse under hot water, then look to see if you've missed bits.

High tech, low tech

If you're a gizmo wizard, with every contraption to aid household chores, you'll probably grate your cheese in a food processor. Even more reason to clean all the fiddly bits. So, dismantle the bowl and grater attachment and wash thoroughly so that there are no hidden leftovers to feed those hungry bacteria. Rinse and dry thoroughly before re-assembling your machine for its next job.

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