How to clean a burnt in baking tray or casserole dish

Oh what a bore! Surely it's enough to cook a meal, let alone be faced with the chore of scrubbing an unrelenting black-as-coal baking dish clean. By the way, does anyone remember coal? It's very black

Soak, don't scrub

One of the best tips for getting burnt on food off a casserole dish is to put it on the hob and fill it with cold water and a couple of tablespoons of biological washing powder or liquid. Slowly heat, but don't boil, then switch off and leave to soak for several hours. The layers of burnt on food should lift off, though you might need more that one attempt (just how long did the smoke alarms ring before you realised it was your food?!).

Tray chic

Restore the loveliness to your stuck-on baking trays by using the same trick - this time just hot water and biological suds in your sink or washing up bowl. No of course it won't fit - you'll have to immerse half at a time, turning over after one half has soaked. After a while you should be able to employ the requisite elbow grease, though with less power than you thought possible. Next time you're cooking, line your tray with a piece of foil to make cleaning SO much easier.

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