How to host the ultimate posh dinner party

Lord and Lady Muck cordially invite you to a night of swellegant grub. 4Food has everything you need for the perfect posh dinner party

What to drink:

Mingling prosecco with raspberries, cherries and bitters in the Sette Bello cocktail makes for a very grown-up pre-dinner drink. Leave the paper umbrellas in the cupboard.

What to wear:

Black tie, naturally. Which means opera gloves, not marigolds, for the ladies, and no clip-on bow ties for you gents. Boating gear is also good, even if you're more P&O ferry than Port-Out-Starboard-Home.


Frank and Bing's High Society croon, Well Did You Evah, is the must-have soundtrack for a swellegant, elegant party. Or if you want to be less subtle, try a round of (Money) That's What I Want.


Get your guests to work out their 'posh name' - take the first name of one of their grandparents, then double barrel the surname of their first headteacher with the name of the first road they lived on. Blanche Beaufort-Bugden, pleased to meet you.

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Foie gras with caramelised apples

We all know that posh types like a tipple, so why not put it in the food? Gordon's foie gras with caramelised apples recipe is as classy as they come, with sweet calvados balancing the richness of the pâté.

Sea bass and lentils

Posh people love to eat rustic food, which is why the provencal lentils make the grade in this fillets of sea bass recipe. There's a swanky bit of fish sitting on top of them, though - we're not peasants, after all.


We all know that the harder it is to pronounce, the posher it probably is. So it stands to reason that croquembouche would be a pudding fit for a prince - but just in case you weren't sure, there's some silver leaf on it too.


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