How to smoke an eel

Andrew got a lesson in how to smoke. We're talking eels obviously. Learn more about the Big British Food Map at

1-kindling_maker--gt_full_width_landscape The work begins Average User Rating: 0/5

2-the_hot_smoker_in_action--gt_full_width_landscape The Smoker Average User Rating: 0/5

3-hot_smoked_duck_breasts--gt_full_width_landscape Smoked duck Average User Rating: 0/5

4-trying_the_duck--gt_full_width_landscape Tasting duck Average User Rating: 0/5

5-jesse_and_the_cold_smoker_door--gt_full_width_landscape Jesse and the brick privy Average User Rating: 0/5

6-jesses_special_salmon--gt_full_width_landscape Smoked salmon Average User Rating: 2/5

7-slow_burning_dust_in_cold_smoker--gt_full_width_landscape Trail of smoke Average User Rating: 3/5

8-smoked_chedder--gt_full_width_landscape Smoked Cheddar Average User Rating: 0/5

9-smoked_chedder_when_finished--gt_full_width_landscape The finished cheese Average User Rating: 0/5

10-raw_eel_ready--gt_full_width_landscape Raw eel Average User Rating: 5/5

11-smoked_eel_trimmings--gt_full_width_landscape Eel trimmings Average User Rating: 3/5

12-simple_menu_restaurant--gt_full_width_landscape What's on the board Average User Rating: 0/5


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