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  • Channel 4 News

    Channel 4 News team


    Failures of care in various forms dominate today's News, including an exclusive report from Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre and zero-hours contracts and low pay in the care industry.

  • Britain's Benefits Crackdown

    Britain's Benefits Crackdown: Channel 4 Dispatches


    Channel 4 Dispatches: Promises to end the 'something for nothing culture' are making life tougher for Britain's benefits claimants. Liz MacKean investigates Britain's new sanctions.

  • Food Unwrapped

    Foodunwrapped Ep6 625x352


    Jimmy visits Italy to discover why pine nuts are so expensive, and Kate travels to the Amazon rainforest to see what gives Red Leicester cheese its colour. (S5 Ep6)

  • NHS: £2 Billion a Week & Counting



    New series exploring the tough decisions the NHS has to make about who gets treatment. From the world's most expensive drug, to rehab for heroin addicts, what should the NHS pay for? (Ep 2)

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